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SQ1 Series

Square One, also called SQ1. There are also called "fan shape magic cube”, is due to SQ1 in a state of disrupting the fan is very like. SQ1 is Hrsel Vojtech and Kopsky by Karel in 1992 jointly invented. SQ1 square in the magic cube of poles belong to one of the most common. We usually say SQ1 magic cube, usually refers to the Square one, of course, there are many other derivative shape, such as SSQ1(Super square one) for SQ1 solving, it faced double difficulty: 1, the initial shape of recovery. 2, the color to block recovery. It mainly lies in the two extremely difficult and cut into the square can turn 30 degrees of small pieces, which can produce different from the original buyer founder of state. Generally speaking, if can SQ1 in two by a typical conversion between arbitrary, already mastered the basic SQ1 recovery.SQ1 is divided into three layers for. Top and bottom are kite block and block triangle, they also called Angle and edge. The rubix cube eight Angle and eight edges and 2 middle block. Relative to the middle, horn piece for 60 degrees, edge width to block 30 degrees.More cube puzzle please click:

SQ1 Series Product list
  • SQ1 Magic Cube

    SQ1 Magic CubeSQ1 magic cube
    Professional speed cube
    White/Black/Red/Clear body
    with PVC stickers.

  • SSQ1 Magic Cube

    SSQ1 Magic CubeSSQ1 magic cube
    Professional speed cube
    White/Black body with PVC stickers
    Size: 5.5*5.5*5.5cm

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