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3x3 Cube

Three Layers magic cube is called Rubik’s cube,this is one most kind of common magic cube. and as well as known in the world since invented sooner.Each of side has three squares,the length of standard magic cube is 57mm,the total changed number (8!x38x12!x212) /(2x2x3)=43,252,003,274,489,856,000 ,or it Approximates 4.3x10^19. rubix cube combined by one central shaft connects six central squares and 8hornblocks, and 12 edge squares, when all parts connected to be a entire part,and any face can be spinned keeping horizontal but not to influence the other squares.Due to the need of competion,the detailed construction of magic cube has ameliorated a lot present years . and such these kinds of magic cube for special contest. More cube puzzle please click:

3x3 Cube Product list
  • Speed Cube 3x3 With Sticker

    Speed Cube 3x3 With StickerRubix Cube YC301-C1
    3*3*3 magic cube
    Type C-I & Type C-II
    Adjustable speed cube
    White & Black body with PVC stickers

  • 3x3 Cube Stickerless

    3x3 Cube StickerlessRubix Cube Type D
    3*3*3 magic cube
    Professional speed cube
    High quality with low price
    Black & White body with PVC sticker

  • Carbon Fiber Cube 3x3

    Carbon Fiber Cube 3x33*3*3 big size magic cube
    10cm*10cm*10cm Big size
    White body with PVC sticker
    This is a good teaching aid
    Professional for feet solving

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