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4x4 Cube

The name of four layers magic cube is called Rubik's Revenge£¨combined with 56 squares.This magic cube has 8 hornblocks,24 edges,24 central squares, the changed state of hornblock of which is same as Pocket rubix Cube, so the total number of changed state is 8!×37. Each color difference can not four center position, so there are 24! / (4) change!. 24 edge piece, but cannot carry out optional transposition in each group the same color of the two edge piece, because there is a difference between the two edges in relation to the block. So while the total variation in block 24! Kind of. Due to the change in the space of the same color and form of state will be repeated computation, so the real Numbers should also divided by 24. So the rubix Revenge cube total number of state 7,401,196,841,564,901,869,874,093,974,498,574,336,000,000,000 for change. About rubix Revenge cube solving, the more method is introduced simulation method. About introduced simulation method, simple explanation is the multi-layers to degrade 3layers cube, using the model rubik's cub to solveing. Currently rubik's cube boundary of multi-layers  magic solution method using introduced simulation.More cube puzzle please click:

4x4 Cube Product list
  • 4x4 Cube Stickerless

    4x4 Cube StickerlessCube Puzzle YC504-B1
    4x4x4 for speed cubing
    6.5cm speed cube
    white & black body with tiles

  • 4x4 Cube with Sticker

    4x4 Cube with Sticker4x4x4 Magic Cube YC405
    4x4x4 for speed cubing
    6.0cm speed cube.
    white body with tiles

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